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JUST IN: Bailey Zimmerman To Team Up With The Jonas Brothers For A Catchy New Track!

The breakout star took to social media to share news of the fun collab!

Well this was not on our bingo cards for 2023! Today (October 30th) breakout hitmaker Bailey Zimmerman announced that he will be teaming up with the Jonas Brothers after teasing the track last week!

Zimmerman shared the news with his nearly three million TikTok followers. In just a matter of hours, fans of both Bailey and the JoBros have commented with their excitement that Strong Enough will be out November 10th!

The catchy pop melody is a perfect match for the collab we never knew we needed! BZ and JB also took to the Jonas Brother's TikTok for a hilarious video featuring a nostalgic 2000s toy.

You can pre-save the song by clicking HERE


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