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JUST IN! Chris Stapleton To Be The New Voice Of The Monday Night Football Anthem

Chris Stapleton really makes everything sound better!

Courtesy of ESPN

With football season in full swing, ESPNis debuting a new “Monday Night Football” anthem that will lead into broadcasts, starting with the Week 2 twin bill.

Chris Stapleton, Snoop Dogg and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana cover Phil Collins’ classic song “In The Air Tonight” in an abbreviated version that will take viewers into the game's open with announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

According to USA Today, the idea was first pitched in 2021 said ESPN vice president of creative content production Julie McGlone. The "MNF" team loved the idea, but told them to take their time to line up the release of the song, being that fellow country star Carrie Underwood was also revamping the Sunday Night Football theme.

The mix of Stapleton's signature vibrato and Snoops slick lines, and Blackman Santana iconic drum solo fuels the anticipation for that evening’s games.

The track "In The Air Tonight” wasn’t decided upon until March of this year. The ESPN team realized many NFL players, along with the fans, associate the song with getting ready for a game. Plus Collins gave his seal of approval!

We also can all remember Stapleton's iconic Super Bowl performance of our National Anthem, so clearly it just all makes sense.

Watch Below!


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