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Just In! Scotty McCreery Hints At New Album

The American Idol alum said he is finishing up a new project this week!

Credit: George Chinsee/WWD

It has been a big year for Scotty McCreery! From becoming a dad, to touring with icons Brooks & Dunn you could say 2023 is for the books! Today the North Carolina native took to social media to share what is next, a new album!

Via Scotty's Instagram

With fans eager for more since his 2021 album Same Truck, many wonder if being a dad will bring new music influence.

Scotty battles heartache in his latest classically country track Cab in a Solo. Written by McCreery, Frank Rogers and Brent Anderson and produced by Rogers, Derek Wells, and Aaron Eshuis, Cab in a Solo offers the first taste of new music from McCreery since the release of his 2021 album Same Truck. Not to mention the track was the most added on country radio the week it impacted!

Full of nostalgia, a fresh storyline and Scotty's signature vocal, Cab in a Solo shares an intelligent new take on a classic country theme. The North Carolina native has always had a knack for offering more depth to a story and inviting fans in, and this single is no exception. Full of dynamic imagery Scotty tells the heart wrenching tale of trying to make a relationship right to only be let down and left drinking alone.

“Sittin’ here, I can’t believe what I just saw / Couple shadows kissin’ on the bedroom wall / It’s lookin’ like my plan didn’t work out at all / Heartbreak turned into broke up / So now I’m findin’ out how a heartbreak taste / With a Silver Oak, 1998 / Drinkin’ cab in a solo / Solo in the cab of my truck,”

Needless to say, we are excited for this new era of Scotty!


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