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Kane Brown Proves He Is A "Different Man" With New Album

Kane Brown - a star who’s been making waves in country, pop, and EDM music - just dropped his latest studio album. Entitled “Different Man,” the record simultaneously showcases Brown’s stylistic versatility and strong connection to his country roots. It contains seventeen tracks telling various stories of Brown’s family, life experiences, and Georgian background.

We’ve spent countless hours listening to the star’s newest project. While every track is a masterpiece in its own way, these four stood out to us in a special way.

"Go Around"

Written in a non-traditional time signature, the song opens with a captivating fiddle riff. The riff reprises at various points, complementing Brown’s flawless vocals and the charming instrumentals on the guitar. We’re obsessed with the unique touch that the fiddle adds to the song! The tune of “Go Around” is one of Brown’s most fun and catchy - we can’t wait to scream along to this one on Brown’s Drunk or Dreaming tour. We also love how the pre-chorus references his 2016 Lauren Alaina collaboration, “What Ifs,” which was one of his earliest radio hits.

"Bury Me in Georgia"

We can’t help but wonder if the bell and bird chirping sound effects, which open the song, are a voice memo recorded in Brown’s Georgian hometown itself. “Bury Me In Georgia” is probably one of the most soulful and heartfelt songs on Brown’s new album. The song’s vivid imagery introduces us to the place where Brown grew up. It resonates with everyone who had a small town upbringing, highlighting the little things that can make a hometown special.

"Thank God"

With previous hits like “What Ifs,” “Heaven,” and “Good as You,” Brown has already set the bar high for himself when it comes to country love songs. The sensation that is “Thank God” manages to raise it even higher. First of all, his beloved wife Katelyn Brown - the subject of the song herself - contributes her angelic vocals to the track. Furthermore, the stripped back production and wholesome music video really tugged at our heartstrings. We believe that “Thank God” will go down in history as one of the greatest (and cutest) country love duets of all time.

"Different Man"

Despite featuring one of country’s greatest stars, Blake Shelton, “Different Man” seems to be the most synth-influenced track on the album. We’re obsessed with how the guitar complements the drum beat, as well how the production overall keeps building in intensity throughout the song. We imagine that this track will come to life in unique ways when Brown performs it on tour. Last but not least, aspiring performers can connect to the song’s very personal lyrics. We hope that they remind all the big dreamers of this world to never give up.

Overall, Brown has truly outdone himself on the new album “Different Man.” We’re in awe of his impeccable skill in several facets of country music, as well the variety of influences on his distinctive style. We can’t wait for the album’s accompanying tour, Drunk or Dreaming, as we know it’s going to be a good time.

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