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Karley Scott Collins Drops Nostalgic, Rock-Influenced "Petty In The 80s"

Boomers, you can breathe. We have a 22-year-old singer knows who Tom Petty is. That young prodigy is Karley Scott Collins, a Florida-born and Nashville-based rising artist who's quickly developing her unique style and voice. Today, she dropped the infectious, nostalgic "Petty In The 80s."

Photo credit: David McClister

The retro-infused track equally draws inspiration from greats in the country and rock music scenes. It opens with old-school electric guitars, which add a driving pulse, but incorporates country acoustic guitar. Collins' effortless vocals deliver lively lyrics that pay homage to 80s pop culture. Lyrically, "Petty In The 80s" puts an old-school twist on "Fearless" by Taylor Swift or "Heartfirst" by Kelsea Ballerini, as Collins sings of thrilling lust, trusting her gut, living in the moment.

“I have a habit of really overthinking things in my life, especially when it comes to love,” shared Collins in a recent press release. “‘Petty in the 80s’ is about doing the exact opposite of that, just having fun, letting go, and letting yourself free fall. I’m a huge fan of Tom Petty and he’s always been a massive inspiration for the music I write, so it’s really cool and fun for me to get to reference and honor his music through this song.”

The unique approach of "Petty In The 80s" breaks genre barriers and redefines pop-country. With her bold, carefree personality and vivid storytelling, Collins stands out amongst a sea of newcomers in Nashville. We can't wait to continue watching her grow!


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