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Kelsea Ballerini Announces Dates For Leg 2 Of Heartfirst Tour

January 14th 2023

Once again, we're ready to jump right in baby, with our hearts first. After weeks of teasing fans on social media, Kelsea Ballerini has finally announced dates for the second leg of her Heartfirst tour! It accompanies her latest album, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, which contains some of her most personal and revealing songs yet.

Photo credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Just like last time, the 20-year-old sensation Georgia Webster will serve as Ballerini's opening act. The TikTok viral singer turned bonafide rising star is best known for songs like "Not Sayin'" and "X's."

Leg one of the Heartfirst tour allowed the star to wear her heart on her sleeves and encourage fans to do the same. The album's central themes include embracing change, as well as showing up and doing your best, both of which she emphasizes in her live shows. Fans saw Ballerini at her rawest yet happiest, in what she has described as her "favorite musical chapter."

Through the live debuts of SUBJECT TO CHANGE tracks, performances of B-sides from her previous albums, fan projects, and iconic tour outfits (including #Zippergate), we loved every moment. We cannot wait to do it all again! Don't forget to register for presale on - it starts Jan. 17th at 11:00 A.M. EST.


March 6 - Toronto, ON

March 7 - Detroit, MI

March 8 - Columbus, OH

March 10 - Minneapolis, MN

March 11 - Milwaukee, WI

March 12 - Indianapolis, IN

March 15 - Cleveland, OH

March 17 - Atlantic City, NJ

March 18 - Pittsburgh, PA

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