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Koe Wetzel Shares One-Minute Teaser Of New Song “Creeps,” And We Need This Song Now

Koe Wetzel has been stringing us along, and we are ready for new music already! This week the Texas bad boy teased new music on TikTok and fans are going nuts!

Yesterday Wetzel confirmed the news when we dropped the announcement on Instagram. While there is no official release date, Koe fans are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the full version.

Koe said a while back that this new album would lean way more into that alternative, southern rock sound you hear a lot in some of his previous work, and based on what I’ve heard of “Creeps” so far, and the other single he dropped in April, “April Showers,” that seems to pretty much be the case:

“We’re throwing out all the stops on this record. It’s more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock than what we’re used to.

But I wanted this record to be that before I started making my country music.

This record does have some country sounding songs, but overall it’s more of an alternative record.”

Koe also hinted that the name of this next album was possibly Hell Paso, and now the countdown is on as we wait for more details and the official announcement on KW5.

With all these teasers coming out lately, I don’t think we’ll have to wait too much longer to at least hear the full studio version of “Creeps.’

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