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Kolby Cooper Battles Dreams Of The Road & Home In High Octane New Track "Hello From The Road"

Battling the draw of following your dreams and being at home is something country music trailblazer Kolby Cooper knows well.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Muniz Photography

The Texas native's own story is weaved into each lyric of his new high octane offering Hello From The Road. Finding his musical footing, the idyllic tunesmith echos his own feelings as be battles life out on the road and being a husband and father of three.

Inspired by a night of partying in Birmingham, Alabama followed by a phone call to Kolby's wife wishing he was home, Kolby hones in on his craft, once again striking gold.

"I'm a night owl, and it can get pretty lonely at the back of the bus," Cooper told All Country News. "I have been to so many cool places, but I wish my wife and kids could see it as well. we wrote about being on the road for the past 4 years, and it was specifically inspired by a night in Birmingham after a show when our former merch guy got knocked out cold in a pool game gone wrong" Despite the fun, Cooper then confided in his wife, wishing he could just be home.

That feeling inspired much of the song including the line Hello from the road, I guess California's cool, but I hate to tell you that I like it because I know you'd like it too.

Relishing in stardom's ups and downs Kolby puts his dynamic artistry on full display. Bringing this painfully relatable narrative to life is the signature independent edge that Kolby's fans have grown to love. Not to mention it is a sound that Kolby says he is really leaning into. Determined to make music that he believes in, Hello From The Road showcases what a thoughtful tunesmith he really is.

The born hitmaker strikes a chord with his devoted fanbase time and time again, inviting them into his life one lyric at a time. Perhaps the magic in this track is that Kolby is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. Igniting the country world on fire, the badass genre bender once again offers up a country song that isn't surface level but thoughtful and universal. Wake up y'all Kolby Copper has arrived.


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