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LA Country Duo Vineland Delivers The Ultimate Summer Anthem With "Heartless Highway"

Roll your windows down and crank up the new one from rising country duo Vineland!

Credit Sean Behr

Summertime and country music is like peanut butter and jelly, it just goes. Well LA based country risers Vineland are continuing that tradition with their bright new summertime bop Heartless Highway!

The alternative rock/country duo based in Southern California comprised of vocalist Anthony Lauletta and guitarist/songwriter Dave Baldwin and brings their dynamic influences to the new track. Full of nostalgia and a clever storyline, Heartless Highway perfectly personifies the idea the push, pull and uncertainty of that summer love you wish would last all year long!

“Heartless Highway is a wild mix of Dave’s influences in hard rock like Metallica and Def Leppard and my influences growing up listening to Brooks & Dunn, Travis Tritt and Faith Hill on the radio. Together we frankensteined alternative rock and country in a way that blew our minds when we first heard this track finished. We hope other people out there find it as exciting as we do," Anthony told All Country News.

Refusing to be ignored or put in a box, Vineland is forging its own path in the every changing country industry. The self proclaimed "not your daddy's country music," seamlessly blends together pop punk ideals with country storylines allowing the SoCal boys to reach an even wider fan base. Full of vibey guitar and gritty harmonies, Heartless Highway is a must add to your summer playlist!


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