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Lainey Wilson Breaks Decades Old Country Radio Record, By Having Two Songs In The Top Ten

January 31st 2023

Is 2023 the year of Lainey Wilson? We sure think so! After a record breaking 2022, the CMA female vocalist of the year, is brining her momentum into 2023!

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We are only one month into 2023 and Lainey may have not only one but two number one singles in her grips. Not only is she the only artist to have two songs in the top ten, but she is the first female in over a decade to do so. Now that is "Country With A Flair."

Lainey's own hit "Heart Like A Truck," as well as her powerful duet "Wait In The Truck," with buddy HARDY are sitting at #7 and #9 respectably. Two truck songs and one inspirational tail.

"I lived in a tailer on a family friends land," the Louisana native told All Country news in a 2021 interview. Listen here for our full interview. Lainey's rag to riches story is only one Nashville can tell!

Lainey's lovability, charm and talent has taken her on her first ever headlining tour, which sold out in record time. Lainey's ability to be herself and inspire others to do the same is what we need in country music. Lainey Wilson is leading the charge for women in country music, and we are so here for it!

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