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Lainey Wilson Dedicates Her Billboard Rulebreaker Award To "Women Who Do Things Their Way"

Yesterday, Lainey Wilson accepted the prestigious Rulebreaker Award at this year’s Billboard Women In Music Awards. Since its beginnings in 2015, she is first country artist to receive this trophy. Previous honorees include Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara, Kehlani, SZA and Karol G.

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz

"This award right here is for all the women who do things their way," said Wilson in her inspiring acceptance speech. "The ones who are not afraid to go against the grain and paint outside of the lines. The ones who take no on the nose and somehow turn it into a yes. I am so inspired by the women who lean into the things that make them different and unique, and I am so blessed to be surrounded by women who have lifted me up and helped me believe that I could break through glass ceilings."

Her current Top 5 radio single “Heart Like A Truck,” explicitly tells her story of grit and perseverance. She performed this song at the ceremony as well, leaving the whole audience at the YouTube Theater in chills.

Wilson defines what it means to be a “rulebreaker” in every way. Her authentic approach to songwriting and personal brand of “Bell Bottom Country” break the norms of her genre. We’re so proud of her, and we’re so happy that future generations have a role model like her!

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