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Lainey Wilson Hits the Airwaves with Heartfelt Barn Burner "Hang Tight Honey"

Lainey Wilson, the name that's been on everyone's lips since her breakout, multi-platinum success, is back with a brand-new anthem that's set to ignite country radio on May 20th. "Hang Tight Honey," the latest gem from her forthcoming album "Whirlwind," is more than just a song—it's a testament to Wilson's unwavering commitment to injecting real stories into her music while showcasing her vocal prowess like never before.

Via Lainey Wilson Facebook

Crafted by Wilson herself alongside Driver Williams, Jason Nix, and Paul Sikes, and produced by none other than the GRAMMY® award-winning maestro Jay Joyce, "Hang Tight Honey" is a fusion of country soul with a sprinkle of 70’s funk and rock. It's the kind of track that gets your boots tapping and your heart racing, seamlessly blending genres to create something truly electrifying.

A clever and thoughtful artist, the song is once again rooted in the spirit of hardworking women, empowerment, and resilience. "Hang Tight Honey" once again wraps their arms around Lainey's fans and allows them a place for musical community. Wilson's lyrics cut through the noise, delivering a powerful reminder of the strength and tenacity of women everywhere.

And let's talk about that voice. Wilson's vocals soar to new heights in "Hang Tight Honey," effortlessly gliding through each note with a raw emotion that's impossible to ignore. From the tender moments to the full-throttle choruses, she proves once again why she's one of the most exciting voices in country music today.

In a genre often criticized for its lack of authenticity, Lainey Wilson stands out as a shining example of what happens when an artist truly cares about the stories they tell. "Hang Tight Honey" isn't just a song—it's a slice of life, served up with a side of infectious groove and a whole lot of heart. So, buckle up and get ready to hit repeat because Lainey Wilson is about to take you on a whirlwind ride you won't soon forget.


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