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Lainey Wilson Partners With Tractor Supply To Mentor Emerging Talent In Country Music

The past couple of weeks have spawned many landmark moments for country music’s reigning queen, Lainey Wilson. After releasing her highly-anticipated second studio album, Bell Bottom Country, to immense critical acclaim, the star won her first two CMA awards with New Artist and Female Vocalist Of The Year.

She currently plays the character Abby in the hit western drama Yellowstone, which aired the first two episodes of its action-packed Season 5 yesterday. (Which, if you choose to check out, please make sure you hold on to your popcorn and brace yourself like never before. It’s a LOT.) Abby’s storyline reflects Wilson’s own life, as an up-and-coming musician who hails from a small-town farming community. Fittingly, a commercial for her new partnership with Tractor Supply - the largest rural lifestyle retail brand in the United States - aired during the two-hour premiere.

The advertisement, taking the form of a vertical TikTok video, embraces the theme of “Life Out Here.” Wilson often draws inspiration from her childhood and the rural lifestyle to write songs, with “These Boots (Deddy’s Song)” and “Live Off” serving as prominent examples. The latter plays in the background of Tractor Supply commercial, which announces a new Emerging Artist Program that Wilson is an ambassador for. In this exciting endeavor, the star will mentor a group of aspiring country singer/songwriters who share her passion for telling stories about “Life Out Here.”

“From small-town aspiring songwriter to the fastest-rising star in country music, Lainey is the perfect mentor, advocate and spokesperson for Tractor Supply and our Emerging Artist Program,” said Tractor Supply’s Kimberley Gardiner. “Growing up in a small farming community and becoming the most nominated artist at this year’s CMA Awards, Lainey is the definition of Life Out Here. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Lainey and a small group of rising country music artists to create a path and platform for these voices and songs to be heard.”

“Growing up on a farm in Louisiana made a lasting impact on the outdoor-loving country-hearted woman I am today,” said Wilson. “I’m honored to be named Tractor Supply’s newest Brand Ambassador and to have the opportunity to curate the Emerging Artist Program. They truly understand who I am at my core and the Life Out Here lifestyle that is so important to me.”

This wouldn’t be the retailer’s first collaboration with a country singer, as they’ve previously worked with superstar Miranda Lambert on MuttNation’s pet line. Founded by Lambert herself, this nonprofit aims to promote the safety and welfare of animals. The Emerging Artist Program builds on a previous project entitled Black Cord, which just completed its first year. The retailer plans on adding three to five new artists to its programs annually.

We’re so excited to see the Emerging Artist Program kickstart. We deeply envy the rising talent that gets the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Wilson, but we can’t wait to watch them shine. This amazing new partnership is sure to be a highlight of 2023!

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