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Lainey Wilson's Infectious Spirit Is Inspiring Girls Around The Globe

Lainey Wilson truly has a soft spot for her fans, and videos circulating online from her Country With A Flare Tour only highlight that. As someone who encourages fans to unapologetically express themselves, she has many young girls looking up to her. Here's some of our favorite videos of that in action!

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM and TikTok Screenshot

Signing a fan's forehead & recognizing her from TikTok

Lainey always lets her fans know they they're beautiful just the way they are, and don't need to change for anyone. So when Maddie posted this TikTok about how girls would make fun of her at school for dressing like the bell bottom queen instead of in Lululemon, Lainey duetted her and encouraged her to keep expressing herself.

Later, Maddie brought a poster to Lainey's concert in New York, asking her to sign her forehead. Of course, Lainey recognized her and hyped her up in front of the whole crowd, but not only that - she asked Maddie to sign her forehead as well.

Inviting girls to join her in singing his number one hit "Heart Like A Truck"

Lainey's impact is even reaching young country music fans! Lainey's hit song "Heart Like A Truck" has inspired girl across the country and is brining them out in troves to her concerts! I mean how cute are these little ones.

Lainey Wilson's fierce spirit and infectious confidence is allowing little girls to be themselves!

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