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Lainey Wilson Warns Fans Not To Fall For Weight Loss Gummy Scam On The Web "Do Not Fall For It”

Well sometimes the internet isn't a good thing.

Photo Credit: Getty and Lainey Wilson Instagram

Yesterday superstar Lainey Wilson took to social media warning her fans of a recent advertisement using her likeness. The adds have been calming that the CMA winner was using the company's weight loss gummy products.

Well Lainey who always speaks her mind, took to social media yesterday to warn fans.

“Alright y’all, by now I’m sure a lot y’all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah blah blah that saved my life. Well surprise, it ain’t true,” Wilson warned her fans. ”People will do whatever to make a dollar, even if it is lies. Cause ain’t nobody sent me any gummies," she continued.

The message continued in her caption “PSA if y’all have seen these ads, they’re entirely fake. Don’t fall for them and help me out by reporting them when you see them."

Fans have noticed that in recent months the star has lost some lbs, but she assured fans it was from working hard and running around on stage.

Lainey however is not the only country star who has fallen victim to recent scams. Luke Combs' longtime manager Chris Kappy took to his social media to also warn Luke fans that they are not affiliated with any weight loss products, even posting the ad to warn fans. Lainey's boyfriend even weighted in defending Lainey so called involvement. Combs and Wilson were simply the latest famous people to have their images and likenesses misleadingly used to promote scams for weight loss products.

"These companies are out of the country and are using AI to create ads using the likeness of Luke and other celebrities. This is also happening to Oprah Winfrey and countless others. If you see an ad like this, please report it. To other managers out there, AI is a scary thing and they’re using it against us. if you see this happening, please report it as quickly as possible," Kappy captioned his post.

Needless to say, don't fall for this stuff!

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