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Larry Fleet Drops Two New Tracks Ahead Of Second-Ever Headlining Tour

In past few months, established singers and newcomers alike have opted to release music in samplers, rather than dropping a string of singles. Not only does it bless fans with more content at once, it provides a better, more accurate taste of what an upcoming album will sound like. By premiering two or three songs at a time, one can share several sides to themselves, sometimes exploring themes of duality. This past Friday, Larry Fleet seemed to do just that with “Daddy Don’t Drink” and “Try Texas.”

Image Credit: Matt Paskert

"It's special any time you get to release new music, but I'm really proud of these two - especially 'Daddy Don't Drink,' which will always have a place in my heart," shared the Big Loud artist. "I love writing about what I know and I'm looking forward to people giving 'em a listen.”

“Daddy Don’t Drink” contains personal, reflective lyrics about how fatherhood motivated him to give up alcohol. This track undoubtedly resonates with many already, especially those who share the same struggles and need that final push towards complete sobriety. Poignantly introspective, it tackles serious subject matter and spreads a broader message to listeners. “Try Texas” is significantly less tear-inducing, but still comes from deep within his heart. The feel-good song celebrates his home state of Texas, as well as the unique aspects of his upbringing that come with it.

Fleet is also getting ready to hit the road in his second-ever headlining tour! “The guys and I have been workin' hard at dialing everything in and making sure that everyone that comes out to our show leaves having a dang good time," he said in a recent press release. “I can't wait to get back on the road and play this new music for so many people.”

With impressive lyrics and true passion for his craft, Fleet continues to make his mark. The double release of “Daddy Don’t Drink” and “Try Texas” shows the singer’s versatility within his niche of soulful country music. Y’all better keep an eye on his name, because this powerhouse is only going up from here!


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