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Laura Bryna Unleashes Sass and Attitude in "Certified" Music Video

Country sensation Laura Bryna is turning up the heat with her latest music video for the edgy anthem "Certified". The video, set in a crooked mayor's western town, delivers a high-energy narrative featuring bar fights, dance breaks, and a showdown for justice.

In the visually captivating storyline, Bryna takes charge, leading a rebellion against a corrupt mayor who has been exploiting the town's residents. The video unfolds with gripping scenes of empowerment, guns, and a pursuit for justice, all set against the backdrop of a saloon-style setting.

Laura Bryna shares her excitement about the song, saying, "Certified" is a sassy, ass-kickin', country rocker of a song with a repetitive stomp/clap rhythm that makes it hard to forget. It's all about one-upmanship – I'm sure that, like myself, plenty of women have met guys who think they're 'all that' - I wanted an anthem for my ladies that says: 'You think you're a 10? Well, honey, I'm an 11!!'

The decision to create a music video for "Certified" stemmed from the song's immediate success and positive reception on the airwaves. ZANE Productions crafted a visually stunning treatment that involved choreography, acting, stunts, and even horseback riding, resulting in what Bryna describes as a "3-minute western movie".

Reflecting on the production process, Bryna expresses her gratitude to the entire team, including ZANE and the talented crew, actors, stunt performers, and horse wranglers. She emphasizes that the video tells a story, with each character exuding personality and contributing to the vibrant narrative.

As Laura Bryna exclaims, "I hope everyone enjoys watching 'our movie' as much as we all enjoyed making it!!"

"Certified" not only showcases Laura Bryna's musical prowess but also establishes her as a storyteller through visually striking and narrative-driven music videos. The combination of Bryna's powerful vocals, the energetic melody, and the captivating visuals makes "Certified" a must-watch for country music enthusiasts and those ready for an exhilarating cinematic experience.


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