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Lauren Alaina Announces New EP "Unlocked" Out June 9th Features A Collab With Lainey Wilson

Lauren Alaina is ready to share her true story!

Sometimes going home is all it takes to find what's next. Turning the key on a new chapter today, Lauren Alaina is back, announcing her first release since signing to Big Loud Records. Unlocked, her six-song return, is out everywhere June 9.

Image by Robby Klein

Standing firmly in who she's always been – an all-grown-up girl from small town Rossville, Georgia, devoted to country music and inspired to make it her own – Unlocked delivers a set of new music anchored in truth, digging deeper and stretching her further, both musically and personally, than ever before.

“It's been 13 years since we first met, and until a couple of years ago, I don't know that I ever slowed down for more than a day or two at a time,” Alaina reflects. “I spent more time with the people that matter most to me – my family, my fiancé, my friends – during that period than I had in years. This music comes from my heart and my hometown. I am who I am because of where and who I come from, and I'm more me today than I've ever been. I can't wait to unlock this next chapter with you.”

Announced first on her socials this morning, Alaina opened up about her journey. "I have a million different nick names and have worn alot of different hats," the songstress tells her fans. "Sometimes you have to look all the way back to really move forward. My heart is completely Unlocked with this new project. This is just the beginning. 🔐 "

Unpacking different aspects of who she is – a heart-bearing lyricist, sass-riddled girls' girl, last call closer, deep-feeling empath, and 28-year-old, confident, complicated, ever-evolving woman – Alaina strips back every layer, inviting fans to see her as they never have.

Last July, Alaina, who announced her departure from Mercury/Universal Music Group Nashville via social media in April, has signed withBig Loud Records. “I got a label that matches my personality: big, loud and country,” Alaina tells Billboard, with a laugh. “So I think that that's what my music will be: big, loud and country.” Making her Big Loud debut has been a long time coming!

Created by an assembly of Nashville talents, the six-track tacks on cuts by artists Cole Swindell, Ella Langley, and Luke Bryan, mainstay hit makers Josh Osborne, Parker Welling, and Hunter Phelps, and upstart newcomers Emily Landis, Rocky Block, John Byron, and Lydia Vaughan among others. It also features a cheeky duet with red-hot collaborator and friend, Lainey Wilson.


  1. A Walk In The Bar (Lauren Alaina, Casey Brown, Lydia Vaughan, Parker Welling)

  2. Hangovers (John Byron, Greylan James, Josh Osborne, Matt Roy)

  3. Don't Judge A Woman (Autumn McEntire, Joybeth Taylor, Sarah Allison Turner)

  4. Smaller The Town (Zach Crowell, Joel Hutsell, Cole Swindell, Hunter Phelps)

  5. Like Her (Trannie Anderson, Joe Fox, Emily Landis, Ella Langley)

  6. Thicc As Thieves (feat. Lainey Wilson) (Lauren Alaina, Rocky Block, Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Jacob Durrett, Parker Welling)


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