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Lauren Alaina Shares Highlights Of Europe Vacation - Including Sightseeing & Family Time

January 14th 2023

Lauren Alaina and her fiance, Cameron Scott Arnold, look like they’re having the time of their lives traveling around Europe. Thanks to the world of TikTok, fans can keep up with the couple as they embark on thrilling adventures and spend time with family. And of course, it naturally inspires some top tier puns for Lauren’s Instagram captions!

Photo credit: Hannah Kik

The couple started their trip in Germany. (Fun fact, it almost didn’t happen because she lost her passport less than two days before she was supposed to leave, but Sean Spicer came to the rescue!) They began by surprising Cameron’s nieces after school.

Kennedy seems to be following in her future aunt’s footsteps, as she sings “Change My Mind” with Lauren herself!

Next, Lauren and Cameron headed to Paris, covering all the essential tourist attractions such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. In special cooking (not coking, although we wish) masterclasses, the couple learned how to make some classic French dishes.

Check out this adorable photo (with the best dad joke in the caption) of them sharing a crepe!

Then, they headed back to Germany, where Lauren got her nails done by none other than her adorable niece. But not before reacting to a hilarious fan edit on the train! The Veggie Tales trend never gets old, does it?

And last but not least, everyone already knows Lauren Alaina for her phenomenal vocals - but did you know that the queen could also ski? The star, originally from sunny Georgia, most recently shared her adventures in snowy Austria. We loved seeing her attempt - it may not have been perfect, but it’s pretty darn good for a beginner! However, as usual our favorite part has to be her clever Instagram caption - “Trying to look like I snow what I’m doing. I sure slope it’s working because it’s all downhill from here. Ski y’all later!”

We're so happy to see Lauren and Cameron happy! The cutest couple (with the cutest family) seem to be enjoying themselves, and starting 2023 off on the best note.

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