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Lauren Reno Shines On Debut Album "Gold Rush"

Born into a musical family, the quickly rising Lauren Reno is making her mark in country music. The up-and-coming artist has just dropped her first ever studio album, Gold Rush. Ahead of this momentous release, All Country News had the pleasure and privilege of talking to the star, as well as receiving an exclusive Zoom performance of her hit “Bottle’s Worth A Dime.”

The idea of Gold Rush originated about three years ago - Reno knew she wanted to give this title to her debut album. Hailing from a gold mining town in rural Nevada, she knew that her childhood experiences would lend interesting, unique stories to her songs. The headstrong Reno brings an authentic “badass” sound to her music; she makes history as a woman covering such experiences in her songs. Reno describes this album as “an old Western story that picks up notes from 90s country and outlaw country.” The 90s country influences are largely due to the iconic Martina McBride, who has inspired Reno for several years - she’s even covered McBride’s songs when she used to do high school talent competitions.

Reno’s husband, Ben, immensely helped her debut record come to life. “He saw my idea, and he really helped me get my songs to where I wanted them to be,” Reno told us. “I’m definitely more of a lyricist than I am a melody writer. And [Ben’s] a melody writer, so really, it’s kind of like a perfect little team here.” Ugh, this duo was just meant to be. Reno also notes that their relationship and closeness enabled them to push each other, in order to create the best work possible. Additionally, as her producer, he has mastered the art of blending a mainstream sound into Reno’s music, while staying true to her Americana style. For example, “Bottle’s Worth A Dime” simultaneously incorporates upbeat mainstream drumlines and a classic country twang. We’re obsessed with Reno’s bold and gritty vocals in the track.

“My goal with this album is to just touch people like the music that has touched me,” said Reno. “The reason why I do this and I put this out there - you know, it’s a vulnerable place to be in - but it’s like, my story that I wrote about could be the one thing that one person needs to hear.” A truly inspirational Reno has definitely accomplished that already. The emotional “Don’t Think” was just what we needed today.

Tonight, Reno will also premiere the title track’s accompanying music video, in which “a gold miner tells a true ghost story,” as she writes on her social media. In October, she will play a homecoming show at the El Dorado in Reno, Nevada.

Overall, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to Gold Rush in full. A fresh, unique voice in the country music scene, Reno is irresistible to her exponentially growing fanbase.

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