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Leah Marie Mason Condemns A “Trust Fund Cowboy” On Poignant New Single

After a long period of teasing this tune on TikTok, breakout star Leah Marie Mason has dropped "Trust Fund Cowboy," and she means business. The song takes a direct approach in laying out Mason's standards - the queen knows what kind of man she truly deserves.

Right from the getgo, Mason packs her musical proclamation with impeccable imagery. She opens her track with "Your dad got you a mustang, and I don't mean a horse / You think a hard day in the sun is 18 on the course / You bought pearl snaps and a stetson after watchin' Yellowstone / But your collar can't be blue if it smells like rich cologne."

With the listing of commonly found red flags in southern guys, seven people from Mason's hometown have already reached out to her, asking if the song is about them. Mason relatably expressed her distaste for "Raleigh boys" on Instagram when promoting the song. Whether the song is dedicated to one person specifically or a group of people, we don't even feel bad for its subject. The pretentious jerk(s) had it coming.

"Trust Fund Cowboy" is another track following a formula that always seems to work for Mason: in dreamy melodies and against simple, steady production, she sings vividly biting lyrics. She directly communicates her no-nonsense policy towards cocky "trust fund cowboys," showing that she did not come here to play. Overall, the song sounds like a subtler version of the bestselling "High Horse" by Kacey Musgraves. Mason once again proves her status as one of country music's most talented rising stars.

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