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Leah Marie Mason Premieres Haunting, Unapologetic Visualizer For "Holy Water"

February 9th 2023

Leah Marie Mason has outdone herself again. Her rising career has already spawned many poignant country-pop masterpieces. She consistently layers her lyrics with lots of subtext, and uses her fierce alto vocals to deliver a biting message. "Holy Water" is no different.

Image credit: Leah Marie Mason

This track was inspired by many of the people she encountered during her time at a private Christian university. She communicates that many who claim to follow God use their religion to hide wrongdoings and character flaws. She characterizes the song's subject as "a hypocrite of his crucifix." The opening line of "Holy Water" kicks the song off with familiar imagery, unfortunately relatable for many: "He hides behind the silver cross he wears around his neck."

Our favorite part has to be the extremely clever double meaning in the next lyric. Mason mentions the "Proverbs 30:2 that he's got tattooed on his chest." This Bible verse reads, "Surely I am too stupid to be a man, I have not the understanding of a man." That's already a great way to communicate that someone must learn to grow up. However, when sung, it sounds like "Proverbs 32," which is ironic since the Proverbs chapter only goes up to 31. If someone got a tattoo of a nonexistent verse, it would indicate that they didn't really read the Bible, and don't follow God like they claim to.

Many found this song through TikTok, and immediately resonated with it. In the comments section, they shared that the lyrics echoed their own religious trauma. The hypocrisy of some "Christians" can ruin the religion for those with genuine intentions. "Holy Water" has reminded people of their exes, parents, friends, and unfortunately even pastors.

The bold music video contains moving, haunting black & white visuals. It further serves as an unfiltered call-out to the song's subject. Mason wears a white lace veil and corset while praying in a chapel, hoping she'll soon be free from the human devil she sings about.

"Holy Water" is a soon-to-be hit with well-crafted and unapologetic lyrics. Mason's forthcoming vocals against the simple yet driving production blow us away. While telling a personal story, she connects with a large group fans who have experienced something similar. Overall, Mason continues to cement her status as the next big thing in country music.

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