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LISTEN: Blake Wood Keeps Listener in Suspense With New Single

Blake Wood, an East Coast native, has been busy in the studio as he debuts his second single of 2024 with “Mess It Up”. Prior to its Friday release, he took to Instagram to show a snippet of the first few notes of the track, which immediately made us want to hear the full thing.

The single’s first verse paints the picture of two romantics who did not anticipate crossing paths or lines but their connection grew progressively stronger and overtook them both. Wood braces for impact on what he deems to be the inevitable of the situation- the relationship ending without a happy ending. 

The gradual progression of the first verse bursts into a strong transition towards the chorus where Blake jumps to the assumption that the relationship, fling, interest will result in someone walking out or abruptly ending it. Who will it be? Why will it happen? When will it occur? Are all questions Blake passionately and curiously asks throughout the song. He ends the captivating bridge by harmoniously stating "we both know this is bad news."

In theme with good storytelling, the narration keeps the listener on the hook. Each verse grows the listener’s interest as to whether or not these questions will be answered and how their story unfolds. 

Blake leaves us with suspense to see if this story will travel into other releases he has coming up this year. There is no doubt Blake is going places with a sound like this. This is only the beginning for this talent.


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