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LISTEN: Dylan Marlowe Releases A Brand New EP That Is Sure To Break Charts

Hold onto your hats everyone... this new album is one for the books!

Freshly released today, Dylan's debut EP Dirt Road When I Die is not only a career definer but possibly one of the best and most dynamic projects of the year!

Credit: Jacob Powers

Statesboro, Georgia native Dylan Marlowe is Nashville’s newest rising star on the country music scene, where he comes likely wearing camouflage and an audible smile, equipped with a sound that blends traditional country themes with a touch of rock.

Dylan found his way to Nashville just before the start of the pandemic but made lemonade from lemons, filling his days with songwriting, networking, and finetuning his craft. After Dylan shared a performance of his countrified rewrite of the Olivia Rodrigo hit “Driver’s License” to social media, people really started paying attention. The clip immediately quadrupled his TikTok following and has racked up over a million views on YouTube to date. The enthusiasm surrounding the track prompted him to release it to streaming services, followed by his own infectious tunes like “All About It” and “I’ll Keep The Country.” Meanwhile, the hustler was lending his penmanship to other artists as well, earning him his first No. 1 as a songwriter for Jon Pardi’s “Last Night Lonely.”

This album will hopefully earn him a rightfully earned number one spot on the country charts because we are OBSESSED!

Speaking of records, his song "Record High" talks about the highs and lows of this thing called love. This four-letter word comes with trials and tribulations, and Dylan knows all too well how it feels to has have a "record high goodbye." He sings of how quick the breakup is, but heartbreak that follows after losing the one you love can cause you to hit a "record low" and the memories of them can haunt you longer than you ever thought it could.

The heartbreak hurts, but so does seeing a lost love fall for someone else. In his song "You See Mine" the ex-girl is in a new guy's truck and ready to forget and move on. But what happens in a small town never seems to go away, and you can't forget about the past when you see their truck "coming around the corner hot." You can try and hide in the passenger seat of the new truck but you can't hide the memories that come flooding back when "you're riding around in his truck and you see mine."

With all the heartbreak that can come from a small town, those late-night memories and small-town roots are well worth it. In the song "Rich Kids," Dylan takes us back to the simpler days. The days where "gas was like gold" and "kisses were like money in your pocket", and the little things meant the world to those "red dirt rich kids." To them, being rich didn't come from material things, it came from riding around on backroads, fires while looking at the stars, and the acres that 18-year-olds could explore all day and night.

We also can't get enough of his surprise wedding song "You Were Right (Nat's Song)" that Dylan released the night before they tied the knot. This song is a perfect addition to the album because all of the heartbreak of his small town was worth it because he got his girl.

“The Dirt Road When I Die EP is really the first project I’ve gotten to put out,” Dylan said. “I’m really excited about all of these songs and it feels super authentic to me, which is what I wanted it to be. It’s got a lot of energy and a lot of songs for the live show, but also some that mean something to me. It was really fun to put together a project from top to bottom, and I hope y’all love it," he shared in a press statement.

Dylan has set the scene for a monumental take off of his career this year with this new album. In his EP he takes us back home to his roots, and where he looks back on his fondest memories. He tells tales of the heartbreak small towns can bring to the personal growth that comes after. Now, he found his forever girl and is enjoying his new married life.

Full of relatable small town stories, a uniquely country tone and a masterclass is songwriting, this EP shows off his zest for the genre. Dylan is making his own way in the country music scene, and it is greatly reflected in his debut project.


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