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LISTEN: Emerging Artist Robby Johnson Showcases His Rock Infused Country In New Single “Helluvaride”

Through heartfelt lyrics and an underlying girt in his voice, the country riser stories the tale of man afraid to love.

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Quebec native Robby Johnson is brining his story forward country music to life in his vulnerable new single “Helluvaride.” Highlighted by relatable lyrics and an infectious melody Johnson narrates the scary internal push and pull falling in love can bring. Wanting to put his "man on the run" reputation on the back burner, Robby grapples with the idea of staying in one place in the name of the woman he loves.

Cause I got a reputation

Of love infatuation

I'm a lover

But love ain′t what I do

No, it ain't a contradiction

It′s a runaway addiction

I'm a runner

And running′s all I do

But If you stay for a while

It's a helluvaride

"The inspiration for “Helluvaride” comes from listening to and enjoying the beautiful poetry and raw sound of Zach Bryan," Johnson told All Country News. "I was playing random chords on my guitar, and this story and words started pouring out of my mouth. I just let it all out and tried not to fight it. It’s always mindblowing to analyze a song after it’s done and realize all the connections between its meaning and myself. A fun fact is that the initial track for the song was in a different key, had a big polished production, and a happy mood, which didn’t fit at all with the emotion and lyrics of the song. I went ahead and recut the song at Blackbird Studios with minimal instrumentation and a new arrangement with minor chords."

The cinematic track is brought to life by the visually stunning music video. Personifying the internal battle that falling in love can bring, Robby showcases the full range of his artistry.

The emotionally driven track is highlighted by Johnson's whiskey soaked grit and pain induced vibrato. In a genre that can become a tan mundane, Robby Johnson demands attention. From note to note, Johnson proves he is a superstar in the making.


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