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LISTEN: Emerging Artists Alex Mather & Richie Allen Team Up For A New Heartbreak Anthem “She Fell In Love”

The two country risers team up for a new twist on a classic country heartache song.

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No one is immune to the sting of heartache and the fallout of emotions that follow. Perfectly personifying those painfully relatable emotions, two of today's country music risers Alex Mather & Richie Allen team up to give their take on the timeless tale.

Penned by Richie Allen, Ryan Haertel, Alex Mather and Ernie Romero, the mid-tempo “She Fell In Love” follows the fallout of a love lost. Grappling with getting over their old flames, Mather and Allen find common ground in knowing that they are not alone in their pain. Rattling off vices they have used to get over their pain, the duo's voices meld perfectly, adding to the emotion of the track. 

Highlighted by an infectious melody, earnest lyrics and the riser's unique and warm vocals, the song is a true breath of fresh air in the country space.

"Collaborating with Richie Allen on 'She Fell In Love' was inspiring” says Mather. "The song holds a deep meaning for me, it’s about the kind of love that changes you, and the heartache that comes when it's over. I hope it resonates with listeners and helps them feel less alone in their pain."

Adding in his distinctive style and powerful vocals to the mix Richie aids in creating a dynamic and memorable duet. "Working with Alex on 'She Fell In Love' was an incredible experience," says Allen. "The song has a universal message that I think will touch a lot of hearts. It's about the beauty and the tragedy of love, and I'm proud to be a part of it."

Through story and sound, the country risers solidify themselves as some of the biggest acts to watch this year. The duo's thoughtful approach to songwriting is what makes this song a hit. From lyric to lyric, the duo's conviction pours from each note. "She Fell In Love," is a shining example of what country music should be, relatable and earnest.


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