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LISTEN: Mark Robert Cash Searches For Closure In Newest Single "Craving California"

The emerging country singer stories the relatable tail of searching for answers when they may not be coming.

Bright and intoxicating emerging Music City talent Mark Robert Cash makes his mark with his new single "Craving California." Seamlessly blending traditional country instruments with a fresh pop beat, Cash relishes in the fact that love changes as we grow older and sometimes closure never does come. Grappling with the fact that answers may never come, Cash's mind whirls as images of his old flame flash in his head. Between overthinking and crazy feelings the rising talent finds himself craving all the things that he misses now that that old fame is put out.

"‘Craving California’ is a perfect example of what happens when a person doesn’t get closure. Do you crave the apology that isn’t coming? Do you crave that person? Or do you crave a place to go and heal? We’re all craving something," Mark told All Country News.

Navigating heartache can be a painful and tricky journey, yet Mark Robert Cash beautifully embodies the internal push and pull of a relationships end. Mark's fresh to take on country music will indeed take him big places in Music City.


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