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LISTEN: Megan Moroney Teases New Sassy Breakup Anthem “So Indifferent”

The emo cowgirl is teasing a spicy new breakup anthem!

Nick Zimmer for CMA and Megan's TikTok

What is Megan Moroney up to? Over the past few weeks, the Georgia native has been teasing new music, and yesterday she did it again. While Megan is beloved for her more mid-tempo sad county, this new bop showcases a more sassy side of the hitmaker!

Taking to TikTok yesterday, Megan humbly teased the song while sitting in her car, singing along to the demo. While most of Moroney's fan favorites chronicle being devastated with heartache, Megan is now throwing up the hypothetical middle finger and has seemingly moved on. While the material may showcase a newer side to the star, the clever songwriting remains.

Throwback to how I used to care about,

Where you went, where you’ve been, who you’re with,

Losing my patience and checking locations,

And rereading texts that you sent,

I would cry 1,2,3 too many times,

Just wasting my prime,

On a guy who was more wrong than right

If we already didn't love MM enough, this song is sure to be the next fan favorite. While no release date has been announced, Meg has recently hinted that her sophomore album is almost done. Buckle up, it is only a matter of time!


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