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LISTEN: Rising Americana/Country Act Caryn Dixon Shines In Latest Single

The North Carolina native pays tribute to life's ups and downs in her relatable new single.

Known for her catchy melodies and captivating storytelling lyrics, emerging songstress Caryn Dixon brings her poigant message of self discovery to life in her latest song "Here I Am." Chroncileling the unavoidable trials that life brings, Caryn proudly reflects on the road that got her to where she is. Serving as a helping hand, the song is a reminder to any one following their dreams that nothing is impossible.

"This song is an inspirational anthem that was written as a reminder to not let other people tell you who you should be. Life is short, and we’ve all been given special gifts. We should all have the chance to use those gifts, chase our dreams, and live our lives as we choose. Don’t let other people tear you down and steal your fire," Dixon shares of the tender track.

The essence of the track lies not only in its melodic sound but also in its ability to creatively connect. The earnest and heartfelt track is truly a beacon of hope for listeners who need it. . From lyric to lyric the song oozes positivity something that the genre often lacks.  In a genre that can get a tad copy paste, the North Carolina native has taken it into her own hands to bring back the tradition of creating real stories for real people.


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