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LISTEN: Shaboozey's 'Let It Burn': A Masterful Display of Personal Storytelling

The viral track already has over 740k views on YouTube.

Steadfast in creative universal narratives musical juggernaut Shaboozey shares his soul in his latest track Let It Burn. Determined to carve his own lane in the Alt-Country / Hip-Hop space; he crafts a sound that pays homage to a cast of traditional Western influences, such as Bob Dylan, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen, while looking into the future of what the two genres have yet to introduce.

The raw tracks offers up a unique dichotomy of being new yet familiar. The Virginia native taps into the inner thoughts that often leave us tenets in our own mind. Ready to help bring his new flame out of the chains that she is held by and the ghosts of relationships past, Shaboozey is ready to risk it all to help her start again. Plus the riser's intoxicating vocals lead fans through the ups and downs of finding better tomorrows.

So run for the hills, baby, don't look back when you leave

There's a train headed wеst move along you got somewherе to be

Watch your step

Coming off of the life that you left

Break the rules, cross a line, make a mess

This could be the only chance that you get

Reactions from across the internet have echoed the same message, this is a song that is universally needed. From the nearly 1k positive comments on the song's music video, to fans bling reacting to the song on TikTok, the song strikes a chord with the dreamer in us all.

“Let It Burn” is a song about not letting the troubles of your past stop you from seeing a brighter future…In a flame is the color gold emboldened with a red outer glow, the same as the sunset or sunrise of a new horizon," he tells us.

Remaining true to his Virginia roots, Shaboozey hopes to continue the region’s long-standing tradition of producing some of the most prolific creatives of the new millennium. This time through elevating the scope of contemporary hip-hop and introducing a modern Americana culture to a global audience.


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