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Listen: Shelby Darrall Flips The Narrative After Heartbreak In Newest Single

California native, Shelby Darrall, adds to her well-established and captivating discography with yet another ethereal ballad. Her songwriting captures the enchanting feeling to be on the freedom side of heartbreak without morphing to an unrecognizable version of herself, which is sometimes inevitable.

"When I Don't Love You" presents us with mixed emotions going between a heartbreak ballad to a self empowerment anthem as she lyrically depicts what she would say to an ex when presented with "you look so different", as teased in a recent Instagram reel.

Rather than looking in the mirror and not recognizing oneself, Darrall flips the coin and narrative to how it would be while not being recognized by others because the anticipation of heartbreak is actually her new call for freedom and self love. This song caters to both the brokenhearted, the hopeful after a breakup, or those realizing the grass has the potential to be greener. While revealing varying emotions throughout the song, the storyline is precise and leaves the singer with no confusion on where she stands after the relationship.

"My eyes didn't change color, they're just not glued to you

My laugh isn't different, I'm just not in the mood" Shelby belts out as the chorus becomes the pivotal part of the song, and transitions into "you say I look different, maybe I do, or maybe you just don't know what it looks like when I don't love you", which reveals the thesis statement.

The bridge shows influence of Emily Weisband and Josh Kerr as Shelby connects the captivating melody with mantra-esque lyrics "I look a little happier, a bit less insecure. You look broken now, like you wish you didn't let me down".

"For me, this song really helped me realize my worth. Things not working out with someone that I really wanted to love me, ended up being the best reason to let myself grow into whoever I wanted to be, not who I thought I should've been for him," Shelby tells All Country News.

Shelby Darrall's new track "When I Don't Love You" fits the country powerhouse trail that has been blazed before her by artists like Miranda Lambert, Carly Pearce, Kelsea Ballerini, and Priscilla Block. It is only a matter of time before her name is next to theirs on a star-studded lineup!


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