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Little Big Town Spread Joy And Sunshine with New Album "Mr. Sun"

Right as we come to terms with the onset of fall, country icons Little Big Town drop their tenth studio album, full of summery and irresistible tunes. The self-produced project, entitled Mr. Sun, intentionally serves as a foil to 2020’s Nightfall. While Nightfall leaned into the melancholy and uncertainty of the sudden global pandemic of its release year, Mr. Sun takes a brighter, more optimistic approach.

“Life is short; we are here to live it with the ones around us, loving them and ourselves the best we can. All the while, thankful for another turn around the sun,” said band member Philip Sweet of the record’s themes. While it touches on heartbreak and struggle, its main messages convey hope and cheerfulness.

Mr. Sun contains such an impressive range - from the upbeat production and fun lyrics of “All Summer,” “Gold,” and “Heaven Had A Dance Floor,” to the genius wordplay in “Hell Yeah,” to the introspective “Rich Man,” to the somber “Three Whiskeys And The Truth” and “One More Song.” Every song is a masterpiece in its own way; this album is truly one of the best in Little Big Town’s twenty year long career.

This variety is reflected in the album’s diverse group of songwriters. Thirteen of Mr. Sun’s big tracks feature at least one band member’s co-writing, with a total of thirty-three songwriters contributing to the project. The writers hail from a total of three countries and twenty states, and span from first-time collaborators to longtime friends of the band.

This Wednesday, Little Big Town celebrated their release week by playing “Rich Man” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as well as participating in the show’s iconic Cold Open segment. Today, they performed “All Summer” and “Rich Man,” along with beloved hits like “Wine Beer Whiskey” and “Little White Church,” on TODAY’s 2022 Citi Concert Series upon dropping the album.

Additionally, the band debuted its Running Bear-directed music video for “Three Whiskeys and the Truth.” The Love Junkies assisted with songwriting for this track. “Lori [McKenna, of Love Junkies] had that title, and I just love how it tells the story of what we do to numb the pain we're going through,” band member Karen Fairchild said of the sentimental song. “And the melody makes it feel like an old school country song like the ones we grew up with."

This fall, the band will support Wynonna Judd on the Judd’s Final Tour, in the cities of Duluth, GA (October 14) and Huntsville, AL (October 15). Fans can RSVP to the band on their official website, to receive a notification immediately when their own tour dates are announced.

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