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Logan Michael And Kidd G Shine On Hot New Single "Burnin' Out"

Everyone knows the feeling all too well - your ex has moved on seamlessly, but you're still struggling to let go of the past. If this sounds like you, Logan Michael and Kidd G have got your back with their new duet, "Burnin' Out," which dropped this morning.

The release of "Burnin' Out" follows two other well-received singles from Michael, "Angel Wings" and "Leave Me Alone." This is one of Michael's more upbeat and heavily produced tracks, with the up-and-coming star normally leaning towards acoustic projects. We're obsessed with the fresh Massachusetts perspective that Michael contributes to the country music world. Michael is well on his way to becoming a trailblazer in the genre, as well as the music scene at large. He has a true talent in communicating complex emotions through his carefully penned lyrics.

The Georgia-born Kidd G expertly blends the genres of country and hip-hop in anything he sings or writes. He has blossomed from a TikTok and SoundCloud viral singer into a bonafide rising country star. Raised on both Hank Williams, Jr. and modern rap music, Kidd G has truly developed a unique and authentic niche in the industry. We're in love with his voice and musical style.

With plentiful elements of mainstream pop, irresistible guitar finger picking, and a healthy dose of southern twang, Michael and Kidd G have come together to create the perfect post-breakup track. Many can relate to the heartbreaking lyrics with amazing imagery - for example, "Took my blue skies / turned 'em into dust clouds." Flawless vocals and a catchy melody make us fall in love. What a collaboration, y'all. It beautifully combines the strengths of both its talented artists.

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