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Logan Mize Paints The Perfect Picture Of Small Town America In Stunning New Single "Bloodline"

Take a minute and close your eyes. What comes to mind with the word "Bloodline?" It is your family, maybe a great memory of a family vacation, or maybe even your hometown.

Photo Credit: Sydney Davidson

Kanas native and country recording artist may be able to help you with his new single "Bloodline" out today. The song is a nostalgic reflection on his life in small town USA. “Bloodline” was written by some of Nashville's heavy hitters, including Randy Montana (Luke Bryan, Luke Combs), Josh Hope (Jason Aldean, Chase Rice) and Django Walker (Alabama, Jimmy Buffett), son of outlaw country leader Jerry Jeff Walker.

"I believe we were living in Thompson Station at the time. Our good friends Randy Montana and his wife Montgomery are always sending us demos. Bloodline was one that he sent over and I was instantly attached to it," Logan told All Country News. "Years went by, and I just kept thinking about the song. I kept texting Randy that I was going to record the song, I think at some point he stopped believing me."

Logan's whole aura is wrapped up in this song. Since moving back home to Kansas from Nashville, Logan has really honed in on what makes him happy and feel creatively stimulated. Even though the song is an outside cut, one line really hit home with Logan.

"Yea that line "grandpa is more than just flowers in a headstone," really hit home for me. My grandfather was a staple in our community of 2,000 people here in Clearwater, Kansas. My grandpa owned a grocery store. It had been in business for 50 some years, my Dad worked there and so did my uncles. People would come to the store just to see my grandpa."

From the jump, the song's picturesque lyrics thrust listeners into small-town USA. With minimal production, the song perfectly captures the simplicities of country living. Logan's smooth tone takes fans on a full tour of his town, from that old oak tree to the staple wrap around porch. Mize's ability to supply such imagery to a song is truly a gift and something that is often forgotten in the country today. In a genre that is based so heavily on storytelling, Logan Mize and "Bloodline" solidify that he is one of the top storytellers in town.


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