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LOOK: Krystal Keith Remembers Legacy of Father Toby Keith In Touching Post

Via Krystal Keith Instagram

Sad news struck country earlier this month with the news of Toby Keith's passing. After a long battle with stomach cancer, Toby's family took to social media to share that Toby had passed surrounded by his family. Following the passing of country music legend, there has been an outpouring response of love, remembrance, and honor.

Keith's daughter, Krystal Keith, took to Instagram to memorialize his legacy as far more than just a musician, but also a Good Samaritan, friend, husband, and father. "This amount of people and networks honoring him is a reminder that he wasn't just ours. He was the world's," she shared in the Instagram caption.

Via Toby Keith's Instagram

Artists like Randy Houser, Alan Jackson, Flatland Cavalry, Luke Combs, and many others have paid tribute by covering his songs, whether it be on Instagram or on stage at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

Illustrating his life from filling the role as a father figure, grandfather, and husband, Krystal continued: "He lived a hundred lives of accomplishments and impact in people's lives...he didn't want recognition for doing good deeds, he just did them..." alluding to more than just his benevolence associated with The Toby Keith Foundation and traveling to places like Afghanistan to host performances for the troops.

Krystal and the Keith family have felt surrounded by love and comfort by all of the tributes through this difficult time. "...I have a literal broken heart but I know it wouldn't hurt so bad if we didn't love him and get to be loved by him."

Via Krystal Keith Instagram


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