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LOOK: Post Malone and Luke Combs Tease Exciting New Collaboration

Post Malone has never been one to shy away from genre-blending, and his latest forays into country music have been nothing short of spectacular. After making waves with his smash-hit "I Had Some Help" alongside Morgan Wallen and releasing a fresh track with Blake Shelton, and teasing a heavy hitter with Chris Stapleton, Malone is firmly planting his boots in the country scene.

Via James McNair Instagram

Fans of both Post Malone and country music heavyweight Luke Combs have reason to celebrate, as a thrilling new collaboration between the two artists is on the horizon. The anticipation began earlier in February of this year when Post Malone teased his country music ventures with a video of himself jamming in the studio.

Adding fuel to the fire, Luke Combs recently shared a clip of the upcoming song on his social media, accompanied by a cryptic message: "We doin' this or what, @Postmalone?" The snippet, featuring a catchy chorus and poignant verses, hints at a deeply emotional track about a lost love and the struggle to find a way to bring her back.


She's searchin' for someone who's gonna build it back

But I ain't got a guy for that

Ain't got a guy for that

Ain't got a guy for that

Ain't got a guy for that

Combs' Verse:

Know a V.I.P. up at M.I.T. / And he still won't let me fly the time machine

Someone to turn back the hands on my new AP / But buddy what I really need

Is someone to put her tires back in the drive

And if they don't, then I just might

Lose what's left of my never lovin' mind

I'm damn near down to my last dime

I'm pretty good at breakin' down a heart

But pickin' up the pieces is the hard part

But wait, there is more! Post also commented on the post saying, Okay, FINE 😤 but you like this more than the other one?!?! 😈," this lead to a frenzy of fans wondering his Post's upcomming album with feature Combs twice!

Via Luke Combs Instagram

Although the release date for this track remains a mystery, fans can expect it to drop soon, following the pattern of teasers being swiftly followed by official releases. As August 16 approaches, the excitement for his country album "F-1 Trillion" is palpable. Will it feature more unexpected collaborations? Will Malone continue to redefine his sound and push the boundaries of genre? One thing is certain: Post Malone’s venture into country music is a thrilling journey, and fans from all musical backgrounds are eager to see where it leads next.

Post Malone’s dive into country music has been a whirlwind, capturing country music fans hearts by storm. By collaborating with country music's biggest names, he's not only proving his versatility but also garnering admiration from fans across genres. This upcoming collaboration with Luke Combs is set to further cement his place in the country music world, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend his unique style with traditional country sounds.


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