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LOOK: Thomas Rhett's Heartwarming Christmas Card Hack For This Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Country superstar Thomas Rhett Akins recently gave fans a delightful peek behind the scenes of his family's Christmas card photoshoot. In a candid video posted on social media, Akins shared a clever and heartwarming strategy for capturing the perfect shot of his kids in festive attire.

The caption, "How do you get all your kids to smile for Christmas card pictures and pretend like they are laughing when they are all on the verge of crying? Sing peaches at the top of your lungs", sets the stage for a charming family moment.

In the video, the Akins family is seen lying in a circle on the ground, heads touching, and singing "Peaches," a song famously performed by Jack Black. The infectious joy and laughter that ensue are palpable, as the family embraces the spirit of the holidays while creating lasting memories.

Decked out in adorable white and red plaid dresses with elegantly curled hair, the kids are picture-perfect for the Christmas card shoot. Despite the challenges of orchestrating a photoshoot with young children, Thomas Rhett and his wife turn the moment into a fun and lighthearted family sing-along.

The video captures the genuine laughter and happiness shared between family members, showcasing the warmth and love that define the holiday season. It's a relatable and endearing glimpse into the Akins family dynamics, proving that even the most picture-perfect moments are often accompanied by a touch of spontaneity and joy.


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