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Luke Bryan Is Among Top Donors To Buffalo Bill's Player Damar Hamlin’s Fundraiser Toy Drive For Kids

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

January 9th 2023

Luke Bryan has always had a charitable heart! So it comes as no shock that his sweet nature extended to Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

When Hamlin suffered an on-field heart attack last week, a family representative re-opened the fundraiser, fans and supporters have been flooding to the page to make donations. Originally, Hamlin set a goal of $2,500. As of writing, it has now reached a whopping $8,601,150.

Luke Bryan was among the top donors for Damar Hamlin’s fundraiser. The country star handed over $5,000. Other top contributors include Quarterback Matthew Stafford, Jim Irsay & Indianapolis Colts with $12,000, and Robert Kraft and The New England Patriots, with $18,003.

The Buffalo Bills player has made amazing strides since the scary accident. Yesterday the player shared love to his team via social media!

To donate click HERE!

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