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Luke Bryan's Wife Plays Prank On Luke's Mom, And It's A Must See

It isn't the holidays with out Luke Bryan and family's "The 12 Days of Pranksmas." The 2022 season is set to be one of the funniest yet!

Luke's wife Caroline, kicked things off with a hilarious prank that might land her on the naughty list this year.

The superstar's mom, LeClaire, is often the target of some of his wife's pranks, and Caroline kicks off Pranksmas 2022 by asking her mother-in-law to read a seemingly random string of words aloud as she films her, much to LeClaire's apparent hilarious confusion.

While the words seemed random, they made up quite the prank. Why don't you just watch.

Clearly the Bryan family is funny on and off the stage! We can't wait to see what other pranks may come this holiday season!

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