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Luke Comb's Cover Of "Fast Car" Hits 100M Streams On Spotify

Who would have known that it would take Luke Combs to bring this song to modern day music fans.

Credit: David Bergman

Today country superstar Luke Combs hit another impressive milestone. His cover of the Tracy Chapman track Fast Car crosses the 100 million streams mark on Spotify!

Even more impressive is that it only took 83 days to do so. So if you look at the numbers, that is 1.2 million streams PER DAY! Sweet Jesus!

Luke first posted the cover to his YouTube page during the 2020 pandemic and fans were immediately impressed! Fans have noticed that in the past weeks the cover has been pulled from his YouTube only aiding the rumors! Fans have been speculating that the 1988 hit would be on the record as he has been playing the hit live at a string of his current shows!

In an interview with iHeart Country, Luke chatted about what inspired him to cover the iconic hit.

"I've never met Tracy, actually. The first time I heard this song I was in my Dad's brown, two-by-four 1988 F-150 with a tan camper top on the back of it" Luke told iHeart. "It had a cassette player in it," Luke continues.

"My dad had that record and would play it all the time. That was just one of the first songs really, that I ever remember hearing, listening to and being one of my favorite songs. It's always just been one of my favorite songs for my entire life. I was really blessed to have the opportunity to record this and for the fans to be able to hear it."

It is almost like this cover was fate. The 90s hit fits perfectly inline with Combs' style, and if you didn't know better, could be his own tune.

Luke's cover has sparked a social media reaction that is bigger than he probably realizes. Dozens of TikTok videos have surfaced of fans reflecting on the tune, now as adults.

Needless to say this conviction in this song is taking it to new heights!


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