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Luke Combs Chases 18th Consecutive No.1 As He Sends Fan Fave "Where The Wild Things Are" To Radio.

Luke Combs is on the heels of his 18th number one hit.

David Bergman.

After Luke's take on the Tracy Chapman hit Fast Car took the world by storm, and his tender ballad Love You Anyway going #1 too, there’s a new Combs banger headed to country radio.

Via Luke's IG Story

Needless to say we are pretty damn jazzed. The unsung hero and fan favorite off his latest project Gettin' Old has to be Where The Wild Things Are. Written by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull the masterclass in storytelling narrates brothers whose love endures despite one living for life in the fast lane. Plus it features some of Luke's best vocals.

It is inevitable that it will go No. 1, the only question is how long will it take.


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