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Luke Combs Continues To Get Fans Ready For New Album! He Is Dropping "Love You Anyway" On 2/10

February 2nd 2023

Photo Credit David Bergman

Ole Luke Combs is at it AGAIN! Fans figured something was brewing when early today 2/2 Combs asked a BIG question on Twitter. The fans were very clear on what they wanted.

Fans didn't have to wait long at all because less than 10 hours later the reigning CMA Entertainer Of The Year told fans they didn't have to wait till March 24th for fan favorite "Love You Anyway."

Fan's first figured out that the tune would be on the upcoming album when on January 10th Combs took to social media to share an emotional tune. In the heartwrteching tune Luke reminisces on love lost and reflects that he would do it all over, even if that means it ends in tears!

Longtime fans of Luke were elated to have the song reappear. Reappear you say? Back in early 2020 on YouTube. Luke shared the demo tagging the Brothers Hunt and longtime co-writer and friend Ray Fulcher.

Combs seems to be following the trend of dropping a few songs to get fans excited before the full album drops. Our personal verdict is still out on this trend, but it seems to keep fans excited. Luke has ALWAYS been fans first, so we really aren't that shocked.

Last week Luke shared the stunning album art and name for the March 24th project! After much fan speculation, Combs made many fans happy when they were in fact correct. After Luke teased his song “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old," lightbulbs in fans heads went off. Speculation that this new album would be titled "Gettin' Old," to match his 2022 album "Growin' Up" was proved correct as Luke took to social media .

The new album drops the day before Comb's kicks off his SOLD OUT world tour March 25th in Arlington Texas. The record breaking tour is set to be the biggest of the year and of Comb's career. The tour broke multiple records across the world including the fastest sell outs ever at Arlington’s AT&T Stadium and St. Louis’ Busch Stadium as well as the fastest sell out by a first time Gillette Stadium performer in any genre. Luke is also brining his high energy show over sees! It ranks as one of the fastest selling arena tours ever by a country artist in the UK. Combs is also the first international artist to sell out an Australian and New Zealand tour, which he did within an hour.

Luke will also be performing this Sunday on the Grammys! While the song is still unknown we, like many fans are excited!

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