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Luke Combs' "Gettin' Old" Is A Masterclass In Country Music Storytelling

Updated: Mar 12

Today, CMA’s reigning entertainer of the year dropped his highly anticipated new album, Gettin’ Old. It seems to serve as a sequel to his record-breaking 2022 project, Growin’ Up, further communicating Luke’s maturing perspective through eighteen radio-friendly yet authentic masterpieces.

Credit: Zach Massey

“This album is about the stage of life I’m in right now,” Luke has reflected. “It’s about coming of age, loving where life is now but at the same time missing how it used to be, continuing to fall for the one you love and loving them no matter what, living in the moment but still wondering how much time you have left, family, friends, being thankful, and leaving a legacy.”

The superstar co-wrote 15 of his 18 new songs, and puts on a masterclass in songwriting along the way. Luke's personal narrative weaves itself into every corner of the album, allowing fans to put themselves in every word.

The opener, “Growin’ Up And Gettin’ Old,” seamlessly allows Luke to transition from one album cycle to the next, recalling the titles of both this album and his last. The innovative approach he took to set the scene and introduce prominent themes of the record. It’s one of three tracks fans have heard before today, along with “Joe” and “Love You Anyway.”

Luke's no frills writing leaves no room for misinterpretation ensuring that each fan can find themselves in his art.

Luke has something for everyone on this album and leaves his own personal touches along the way. “See Me Now,” the toe -tapping tribute to his late grandfathers and the things they did not live to see. Or “Joe,” a celebration of his loved ones who’ve achieved sobriety, a song that many fans have clung to.

The breathtaking fan favorite "5 Leaf Clover" is just one of those tunes that will transcend generations something seldom found in today's modern country.

Another one that stood out to us includes “The Part.” This track is perhaps the most vulnerable on the album, sharing wisdom and life lessons that Luke has learned over the years. From the costs of fame, to heartbreak, to missing home, Luke covers it all.

With catchy, resonant tracks that continue to show what Luke does best, Gettin’ Old has already hooked us. Despite the development of his artistry, Luke shows us that some things never change and that country music is more than just beer and trucks it is the stories that connect us all. In that regard Luke is a superhero.


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