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Luke Combs Strikes Gold In New Unreleased Track “Plant A Seed”

Is there a new Luke Combs album on the horizon? Despite being in the thick of his "Growin’ Up And Gettin’ Old" tour and raising two young boys, Luke Combs has been making time to hit the studio, putting smiles on all of our faces.

Luke Combs | David Bergman

Over the past few months, he’s been teasing us with snippets of new songs that herald an introspective shift in his music, embracing what fans are dubbing his “Dad era.” Tracks like "The Man He Sees In Me" and "Remember Him That Way" have already given us a taste, and now Combs is back with another gem.

His latest unreleased song, "Plant A Seed," delves into the classic narrative of an old man imparting wisdom to a younger generation. In true Luke Combs fashion, the song is delivered with a simplicity and impact that draws listeners straight to its core, resonating deeply with its heartfelt message.

Lyrics That Speak to the Soul

Combs channels the voice of an elder, perhaps reflecting on his own journey through life, fame, and fatherhood. The lyrics are a poignant reminder to cherish life’s fleeting moments and the importance of nurturing love and wisdom in others:

He said don’t ya blink

Soak it up cause next thing you know you turn around

And wonder where you’re whole life’s gone

Remember it’s about the journey

Don’t fill your days with worry

Sure them youngin’s drive you crazy but you’ll miss them when they’re grown

Oh, time ain’t always your friend

It starts slow and gets faster towards the end

So fill up your heart with lovePass it on before you go

But thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow

Perhaps one of the best thing about Luke is his artistic range. His ability write both heart-wrenching lyrics to infectious, feel-good tunes has been a hallmark of his career and a significant factor in his rise to superstardom.

"Plant A Seed" is a testament to Combs’ storytelling prowess, encapsulating life lessons in a way that feels both personal and relatable. As fans eagerly anticipate his next project, this song suggests that we can expect more of the profound, introspective content that has come to define his recent work.

What's Next for Luke Combs?

With each new release, Combs continues to grow both as an artist and as a storyteller. If "Plant A Seed" is any indication, his upcoming album is set to be another compelling collection of songs that touch on themes of growth, reflection, and dadhood. We are undoubtedly excited to see what Combs has in store, and if his latest teasers are anything to go by, he’s lined up for yet another award winning record.


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