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Luke Combs Teases Two New Tracks. Could A New Album Be On The Horizon?

Luke Combs once again tugs on our heartstrings with not one, but two new teasers!

Luke Combs performs at Nissan Stadium on Thursday, June 8 during CMA Fest 2023 in downtown Nashville. Credit: CMA

Could a new Luke Combs project be on the way? In the past week, the CMA winner has taken to social media to tease new music, and needless to say we are obsessed. Let's break down each new song.

First teased on Luke's YouTube page on January 14th of this year, "The Man He Sees In Me" has Luke embracing his dad hood. Penned by Luke and friend Josh Phillips, the song narrates the ins and outs of being a dad, and how he hopes to make his two sons Beau and Tex proud. Relishing in the feeling of being his son's hero, Luke grapples with the idea of one day his sons may not feel the same.

"I hope he never finds out that I didn’t hang the moon

And I’ve never scared a monster

Out of the closet in his room

One day between him leaving home and driving on my knee

Maybe I’ll finally be the man he sees in me”

The song got rave reviews from fans and colleagues alike, including Luke's wife Nicole. "You can’t just drop this and not tell me. Blindsided and EMOTIONAL," Nicole said in the comments.

Yesterday, March 17th once again took to social media to share another new track. "Remember Him That Way," shares the story of an old man in a lazy boy chair that Luke remembers fondly. A new type of "dad" song, Luke shared his view on his old man.

"A wrench in his hand and a beer in the other | God couldn't make a man any tougher | That 'S' on his chest is startin' to fade | But I'll always remember him that way," Luke sings at the end of the chorus.

Once again receiving rave reviews the song clearly exceeded the mark!

Needless to say, we will be here waiting for when news on a new project drops!


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