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Madeline Merlo Delivers Double the Treat with Two Fresh Tracks, Including Keith Urban Cover

The country riser shows off her star power in two new tracks!

Photo Credit: Jack Owens

Right now in country music it is the ladies that have the most interesting things to say, case in point Madeline Merlo. The Canadian has taken Music City by storm. With a blossoming young career highlighted by poignant lyrics and a voice that can only be described as angelic, Merlo is an artist you simply will not want to turn off.

Hopeful and bright, Take A Broken Heart proves what a songwriting juggernaut Merlo is. Refusing to take the popular heartache theme on the same old ride, Madeline offers up a refreshing and poignant perspective on grappling with losing and old flame. The infectious melody guides fans through all the places you can go to help your heart heal. From church, to a much needed girls trip, Madeline's infectious vocals provide hope in that heartache is only temporary.

“'Take A Broken Heart' is a song that I wrote on a beach writing trip and have been dying to put it out since,” said Merlo. "The song is reminiscent of a conversation I’ve had with my friends many times and a song I have needed to hear myself at times. If someone breaks your heart, don’t give it back to them.”

Continuing her steadfast tradition in telling approachable stories with a twist, Merlo adds a beautiful layer to a Keith Urban classic nearly two decades later. Produced by Zach Crowell, Merlo delivers a vulnerable female perspective on Keith Urban’s 2002 hit “You’ll Think Of Me." Providing a much needed female angle to the introspective track, Merlo manages to add depth while staying true to the integrity of the timeless and painfully relatable tune. Madeline's angelic vocals weave in and out of each lyric evoking acute emotions that victims of heartache know all too well.

When asked about the opportunity to record one of her favorite Country songs of all time, Merlo explained it as “a dream come true. I sincerely hope fans will enjoy my version of the timeless song, 'You’ll Think Of Me.'"

A Music City trailblazer, Madeline's ability to tap into universal moments is truly magic. Always pushing herself and her songs forward, Merlo provides a sense of community with her fans. A true tunesmith, Madeline's magic lies in telling emotional stories in just a matter of minutes. A songwriter at heart, Madeline Merlo is here to stay!


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