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Maren Morris Has A "Treat" Coming On Friday - But What Is It?

Yesterday morning, superstar and trailblazer Maren Morris has sent her fans into chaos with a cryptic tweet. Many were floored upon reading it, making countless theories of what the queen could possibly be hinting at.

Some fans are guessing European tour dates or a music video for her latest single, "I Can't Love You Anymore." Others think brand new music would be released, with one user tweeting their hopes of another Taylor Swift collaboration. Another thinks it might be a Christmas song or album.

Since we're almost at the conclusion of the Humble Quest tour, with only the Nashville stop remaining, more dates would be likely. After playing phenomenal shows to several sold out crowds around the country, it would be natural to extend tour. During the tail end of her GIRL era, as well as throughout the Humble Quest album cycle, Maren's international fanbase has been growing. Realistically, we would have to go with the European dates theory. However, an announcement that she's once again joining forces with Taylor Swift would make our day, week, month, and year.

Whatever Maren is referring to, it's safe to say she made many fall out of their chairs. Until Friday, we will be crying into our leftover Halloween candy while listening to Humble Quest on repeat. We cannot wait to find out what's in store!

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