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Maren Morris Reimagines "Humble Quest" In "Rare Form" & A Short Film

When superstar Maren Morris teased an upcoming surprise on Twitter earlier this week, fans made a variety of guesses - additional tour dates, a music video, a Christmas album, and more. Not many saw Humble Quest: In Rare Form coming. This morning, the queen dropped a reimagined version of her critically acclaimed third studio album, and it's nothing but goosebumps-inducing magic.

Humble Quest: In Rare Form puts a unique spin on seven tracks of Humble Quest; its vision comprises more than creating a typical acoustic version. For a project like this, one would anticipate slower songs to fit its approach better. However, even the more upbeat "I Can't Love You Anymore" and "Tall Guys" work extremely well with its formula. Recorded outdoors under a North Carolina sunset, it highlights Morris's angelic voice against her band's live instrumentals. Extra production and "bells & whistles" are limited, making for an intimate listening experience. An accompanying short film brings her work to life in surreal ways.

The Rare Form arrives as the artist prepares to wrap her Humble Quest tour - only the final Nashville, TN stop remains. "This came as an idea to me near the end of my tour when my band and I had worked so hard every show to find new moments to make each performance magical and unique," she wrote on Instagram. Leaving fans in an emotional rollercoaster and with chills all over, the legend that is Maren Morris has once again outdone herself.

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