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Matt Stell Sings About His Hometown Friends In Latest Release, "One Of Us"

Many more than "One Of Us" are digging on Matt Stell's newest single. "It's just one of those songs that as soon as I heard it, I knew it was a smash and I just wanted as many people to hear it as fast as possible," Stell told us.

Stell wears multiple hats in the making of "One Of Us" - the song showcases his irresistible voice, impeccable storytelling, and flawless production, complete with both mainstream and classic country influences. "I kind of had it in my mind - the way I wanted it to sound, the way I wanted it to hit," explained Stell. "It's another way to be creative, which is my favorite."

Stell's song is sure to connect with anyone who's just "one of the guys," as he explains. "Everything - from playing ball, to leaving town, to chasing dreams, to not settling down - I've been that guy a lot of times. I've pulled buddies out of ditches with a wedge on the front of my truck. I've usually got a cooler full of Bush Light." Stell sounds like the friend that anyone would be lucky to have - boy, do we wish he was a part of our crew!

In one of the song's most personal lines, Stell sings, "One of us been gone since he got called home, drove right off the road in his Chevy / Any one of us could have been shotgun, so we drink one in his memory." This line refers to his friend who suddenly passed away in an accident right after graduating from college. It's heavy and sentimental for Stell, but in a good way - he loves the opportunity to honor his friend.

Previously, he teased the song on social media and at live shows - in both contexts, fans absolutely loved the track and wanted to hear more. Stell now feels that it's the perfect time to put it out. "The song makes sense to listen to it in a truck, it makes sense at a football tailgate, it's the kind of song that I would want to see a band play live," he said. "The release of music is always kind of a snapshot of what's going on at the time, and this song is what's going on at the time."

Stell's humble beginnings in the music industry comprise of three independent albums and a stint as lead singer of The Crashers. He moved to Nashville from his Arkansas hometown in 2014, to continue pursuing his dreams of singing and songwriting. He quickly achieved several milestones soon thereafter - including opening for superstars Eric Church and Luke Bryan, performing at the Opry twice, and receiving a gold certification with single "Everywhere But On."

Stell will include "One Of Us" on his debut major-label album later this year, with Arista Nashville. If his previous releases are any indication, we know that the project will be filled with masterpieces. Additionally, Stell is preparing to embark on tour, and of course his mustache will come along with him. Joint performances with his opening acts and good friends, George Birge and Kyle Clark, are in store.

A sensational and positive track, "One Of Us" gives fans a glimpse into Stell's life, mostly the people in it that he holds close to his heart. It resonates with anyone who had a small town upbringing and misses that part of their life sometimes. "One Of Us" features detailed lyrics in the verses, as well as a chorus with the memorable line "We all talk a little small town, but you're raised right round here, kids keepin' it country." Especially with an invitation into his exciting world - "If that sounds like you, you might be one of us" - there's nothing not to love about this captivating song.

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