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Matthew West & Granger Smith Reflect On What Really Matters In "Greatest Hits"

February 14th 2023

Too often, music loses its authentic and expressive qualities in favor of producing a chart-topping hit. Furthermore, when an artist finally scores a #1 single, a feeling of emptiness can follow that accomplishment - taking the form of a lingering thought wondering "what's next?"

We haven't seen anyone tackle this topic as head-on as Matthew West and Granger Smith. In "Greatest Hits," the singers conclude that their families significantly trump any tangible achievements. Money, applause from sold-out stadiums, and charting songs are all far less important than the people they hold close to their hearts.

Symbolically, the track doesn't embrace too many elements of today's country-pop radio hits. Simple drum beats and acoustic guitar instrumentals perfectly complement West and Smith's raw, heartfelt vocals, influenced by bluegrass, soul, and traditional country. Additionally, the "Come on, Granger" preceding his part in the second verse adds to the track's intimacy and authenticity. One can tell that they let loose and weren't afraid to be themselves in the writing and recording processes.

In a world full of competition and materialism, which unfortunately plagues even the music industry, Matthew West and Granger Smith were having none of it. Presenting their viewpoint of what really matters, the duo challenge common ways of thinking in this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A true breath of fresh air, "Greatest Hits" is the type of song Nashville needs more of.


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